Climate Change Adaptation through Zarqa River Basin Restoration in Jordan


PROJECT TITLE: Climate Change Adaptation through Zarqa River Basin Restoration in Jordan

BASIN AND COUNTRIES – REGION: Bassin de la rivière Zarqa– Jordanie– Proche-Orient.

ORGANIZATION CONCERNED: Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (UICN)


Water resources in Jordan are vulnerable to climate change. Previous studies, strategic documents have identified scarcity of water resources as one of the major barrier facing sustainable development in Jordan, a situation that will be magnified by climate change.

An agreement has been signed between IUCN ROWA and IOW to prepare the situation study for Zarqa River Basin in Jordan.

Municipality of Zarqa Submitted an offical request for contribution of the incubator process implemtned by the international office for Water to improve the climate change adaptation measures through a concreted national response to the severe levels of degradation to which Zarqa River Basin is subjectd.

The first step of that project proposal is to draw up a global panorama taking into account the financial and environmental contexts. This will pave the way for the terms of reference of a master plan with concrete measures in the Zarqa River basin dedicated to adaptation to climate change. The proposed methodology consists in involving local stakeholders and key players so that they take over the approach and help define this prerequisite step as a basis for work. The stakeholder dialogue and concrete action (SDCA) approach will be followed and implemented.


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