Reduction of the Industrial pollution in the city of Fez


PROJECT TITLE: Reduction of the Industrial pollution in the city of Fez

The Sebou Basin, located in the North of Morocco, is a region with high stakes. Actually, despite its area represents only 6% of the national territory, it gathers 20% of the population and over 40% of the economic activities of the country, with major agriculture zones (1,88 Million hectares) and more than 50% of the national Olive Oil, Leather, Paper and Sugar Productions.

Main beneficiary of the project is the “Sebou Hydraulic Basin Agency”.


The French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and IOWater, have been supporting the Sebou Basin Agency through the realization of a preliminary diagnosis regarding the industrial pollution in Fez and the already existing solutions. This has allowed the identification of the main problems to tackle and of the gaps that have to be addressed, and to the proposition of a corresponding action plan.

The main activities proposed in this project will be:

  • Update of the inventory of the main industries in Fez, with their main characteristics regarding water and pollution
  • Technical and financial studies to propose appropriate on-site treatment solutions
  • Institutional and financial studies for the application of “polluter-pay” taxes and for the creation of a fund dedicated to the industries’ on-site treatment
  • Setup of discharge authorizations including treatment objectives and thresholds for pollutants discharges
  • Development of a database and of a computer tool to enhance the calculation of “polluter-pay” taxes and to monitor their collection
  • Capacity building for the industries and water and sanitation local stakeholders
  • Contracting authorities support

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